One to one coaching

Take Care of Your Mind, Body and Soul

Do you feel like?

You’ve lost your confidence

You need more calm

You’re emotions need centring

You’re relationships are suffering

Life’s out of balance

Your physical well-being is suffering

What if I could show you how to resolve this?

One to One Coaching

I am James Granström and for almost the last 2 decades I have been meditating daily and I understand how the mind works.

I specialise in taking people through a rewiring process of mind, body and soul in order to have new empowering healthy habits in place helping you enjoy a life of more calm, happiness, health and wellbeing.

Working with me you will get

  • A new level of peace of mind and calm
  • A personal meditation tailored to your sensory primer
  • Increased self confidence
  • Sharper focus
  • Reduction in the stress response
  • Increased good moods
  • Increase in positive energy
  • Increased productivity
  • Better relationships
  • Heighted sense of awareness
  • General wellbeing in all areas
  • Learn mind and body techniques for greater health


Here's what  a 1-2-1 client had to say about James and working with him:

Client's Testimonial

"James not only talks from his heart he inspires in such a way you feel uplifted and can make tweaks and changes to your well-being and self care that creates positive changes in your life. He's a great author of information, presenter and coach. The things James teaches and inspires have made huge changes in my life, wellbeing and soul on all levels. I can't thank this human being enough".

Daryl's Testimonial

"James' skill and approach to mind, body and soul has had a really positive and profound impact on me personally. I cannot thank and recommend him enough. Furthermore, he is a great guy and fun to work with."

Zoe's Terimonial

Firstly I have to say ‘WOW’... I started working with James 6 months ago and I am astounded at how much more balanced my life has become and how magic shows up in tangible ways so often these days...

When I first began my journey I thought I just needed to get abit of calm into my life and my household.... but as the journey progressed, James helped me in so many ways I’ve almost lost count and I am learning and growing more all the time.

He has worked with me to introduce easy-to-maintain habits that have now become ingrained into my daily life... given me advice and assistance on how to address my physical well-bring needs and with tools and tips that I can use throughout my day, I have become a more rounded parent who leads by example. There is far far more patience, compassion and good feeling in my home these days and as a result I now have much better, honest and compassionate relationships with not just people close to me but also acquaintances, tradespeople and strangers.

Every week is like unwrapping another gift that keeps on giving ... and I am indebted to James for making me someone I am unapologetically happy with....

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