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About James

From the world of male modeling to a dedicated elite coach, James’s journey is a tapestry of exploration, understanding, and transformation for learning principles that really work to improve the quality of your life.

About James

Client testimonials

"I was going through a very difficult time in my successful career until the unimaginable happened. Suddenly I was faced with a huge court case that spanned over 2 years that caused me to lose my confidence and faith in myself and the life I was leading. I became a helpless passenger in a horrible roller coaster ride.

I was extremely fortunate to have crossed path with James who has helped me. I had never thought of looking to solve my issues using his techniques and methods but surely enough it did work and made me feel calmer and more present in the moment. Now I’m back on track, the case was dropped and I feel relieved. Thank you James !"

– Zul J.
Private Equity CFO
5 star review

"I've had problems with my metabolism for a long time. Many things I ate made me feel bloated and got IBS. I felt lost on what  to eat exactly for my health and my energy during sport activities wasn’t good.

James guided and advised me on what food was right for my body type and taught me how to  increase my inner energy and how to become more mindful. I lost 7/8 kg and the weight  has stayed off.I am super satisfied with the sessions and I noticed good results within 2 weeks of working with him and my family really noticed the difference too."

– Jerry S.
Finance Entrepreneur
5 star review

"I can’t speak highly enough of James. I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2011 and am disabled as a result. I reached out to James as I was suffering from the trauma of a break up from a long-standing relationship and felt completely broken. James’s empathy and approach in helping me was not only extremely professional but very compassionate and understanding. He quite literally helped me from my lowest point and gave me hope. You can’t put a price on that. As a result, he has won my trust, which is not something I give out freely.

James has given me both the tools, advice and coping mechanisms to move forwards with this and other personal and family relationships which I had been struggling with.I would like to say if you have any life situation that you need guidance for, please do reach out to James, who is the sincerest, kind natured and knowledgeable professional I have come across. I could not recommend him high enough and am so very pleased to have him in my life."

– Greg W.
Ex-Asset Manager & Motivational Speaker
5 star review

"James' deep understanding of the mental and physical wellbeing of people comes from a place of experience and service.  I must say, the time I spent with him online surpassed ALL my expectations. His observations were spot on, his timing - from start to finish of the call - impeccable and the clarity of his instructions and wellbeing suggestions were very easy to put into action right away. In today's world, where social media becomes almost a circus of so-called experts of everything, James keeps his message simple and yet so effective.

The way he communicates is inspiring rather than intimidating and he never makes you feel that you are in the wrong place, instead he encourages you to embrace your journey and the path you are on. I would 100% recommend working with James both on a one-to-one basis or have him as a wellbeing speaker at your event."

– Dolores S.
Sustainable Tourism Consultant & Speaker
5 star review

"James' skill and approach to mind, body and soul has had a really positive and profound impact on me personally and has been life changing. I cannot thank and recommend him enough. Furthermore, he is a great guy and fun to work with."

– Daryl W.
Coach & Entrepreneur
5 star review

"James not only talks from his heart he inspires in such a way you feel uplifted and can make tweaks and changes to your well-being and self care that creates positive changes in your life. He's a great author of information, presenter and coach. The things James teaches and inspires have made huge changes in my life, wellbeing and soul on all levels. I can't thank this human being enough".

– Zoe K.
5 star review

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