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Wellbeing expert focusing on timeless principles of mind, body and soul

James Granström is a wellbeing expert focusing on timeless principles of mind, body and soul for personal and elite performance. He is a Virtual Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, Former international male model and Wellbeing Coach.

Two decades of experience

James has nearly 2 decades of experience in daily meditation, health and wellbeing and specialises in taking people through a rewiring process of mind, body and soul transformation, helping to co-create a life of more happiness, inner peace, health and wellbeing.

Whilst the modelling industry was great for James to focus on getting in shape, it was his mind and emotional state that needed the attention.

The world is waking up to mindfulness

As the world is waking up to mindfulness, James has been practicing this since 2003. He brings a down to earth approach about how to live a more balanced happier and healthier life and seeks to educate others through his processes.

He is not a doctor, but these timeless mind, body and soul principles have shaped his own life and James is now sharing the solutions that have helped him transform.

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